abril 8, 2019


Why travel with us

We have more than 10 years of experience at this type of expeditions. We work with small and exclusive groups. We make few expeditions per year; therefore, we are very selective with our clients. Forget the crowds and experience nature at its best. We are always innovating and looking for new destinations. We take care of every detail. Our range goes from the Arctic Circle to the African Savanna. Learn from professional wildlife photographers who have experience in different media. More than ever our planet needs ambassadors who can show the beauty of wild animals and help raise awareness. 

Fotografias del Sardine Run 2018 en Port san Jones Sud Africa
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Expedition leader

“Throughout my life I have done different activities in which I have had to face adversities and dangerous animals in order to achieve my goals. I am passionate about exploring and discovering new horizons. More than 10 years ago, I decided to start organizing and leading expeditions around the world. I seek the safety of the adventurers and photographers that are looking to have encounters or take photos of large predators, such as sharks, whales, orcas, among others. ” 

Gerardo Del Villar